About Us

Our Story

AllTex Networks began its journey in the early days of telecom as a sales partner with Lucent Technologies. Our primary focus was selling Key and PBX systems to small & medium size business throughout Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.  This resulted in numerous awards as a top sales organization, which led up to the next expansion.  Lucent Technologies spun off the equipment division and created AVAYA Communications and we were asked to come on board as an AVAYA Business Partner. 

Little did we know at the time, but this restructured our business as we knew it.  We now had responsibility for sales, installation, support, and ongoing maintenance services for the AVAYA products, and it was a learning curve for us but we were very successful.

This experience led our company to become a leader in Ethernet cabling installations supporting companies with copper, fiber optic, and video cabling solutions both inside and outdoors. This led to a directional drilling machine and crew, and an aerial construction crew for outside plant installations.

As time went on, and VoIP hit the scene, we could see the market transitioning away from the old premise based, on site, equipment model to a decentralized cloud-based model.  We invested our time and energy in a platform that was Asterisk based, and relied on routers and VPN’s. It wasn’t perfect but it leveled the playing field and provided cost saving solutions to the small and medium size businesses that we served.  It turned out to be a good solution and we relied on it for many years.

In 2022 we were approached by Wildix as a possible candidate company to roll out their portfolio of Unified Communication Solutions in the Houston and surrounding market areas.  When we saw the power of the platform we quickly signed on and never looked back.

We have been adding subscribers like wildfire.  Although our focus has changed over the years, one thing has remained, our commitment to provide the very best solutions at a price point everybody can afford. Our slogan has become “AllTex UC & VoIP Solutions, Powered By, WILDIX” .

Our Product

The beauty of AllTex Networks is the seamless interface for all of your communication needs. Whether it’s internal or external, we handle every facet of your corporate communication. You no longer need multiple platforms, tools, apps or interfaces – it can all be taken care of by one provider within one system. Our entirely web-based and intuitive collaboration interface is available within your browser, with little to no end-user training necessary. You have online access to shared phonebooks and presence information on any web-enabled device, including your computer, desk phone, tablet, and mobile device. Even better is the fact that almost every client we serve saves money or reduces overhead when they switch to our cloud-based system. 

Simply stated, AllTex Networks equips your company with seamless connectivity across all platforms, regardless of location, at a price that fits your unique needs. Simplicity, while driving greater savings, is just one way we ensure that our system is doing all it can to maximize communication services for our clients.


Enterprise-grade security you can trust.
Our system is designed with your company’s security in mind. With a solution that is 100% browser-based, there is no need to download risky plug-ins that compromise security. This provides peace of mind for you and superior security from us.


We offer reliable, straightforward solutions.
We take pride in our reliable & straightforward solutions at price points that won’t shock you. Intuitive and easy to use, you’ll never have to install extra software.


When you call, you'll talk to a person, not an automated system.
Excellent service is the cornerstone of our business philosophy, even if it means sacrificing time or money on our end. Our promise to our customers is a product backed by service they can count on.

Our Strategic Technology Partners

AllTex Unified Communications Wildix


Wildix is the first 100% secure, easy-to-use, professional web-based UC&C system. We trust their system as our vendor of choice and see tremendous success with their product line. Wildix also offers hardware products that are perfectly integrated with all the system features such as : video conferencing, chat presence, attendant console, and much more.

AllTexNetworks and Comcast business

Comcast Business

For fast, reliable Internet, advanced business solutions, great deals, plus:
• 99.9% network reliability
• No data caps for Internet customers
• Advanced cybersecurity solutions
• Great WiFi coverage
• 24/7 customer service

About Wildix

The First Sales-Oriented Unified Communications Solution

Your communications system can either boost your revenue or prevent your sales and marketing team from reaching their goals.

Turn your communications solution into the core of your operations and grow your business, all while saving time and maintaining total security.

Find the perfect booster for each step of your customer journey, right from your browser and through your phone.

When you use Wildix, you use a system that’s been validated by the foremost experts in the tech market. Gartner®, a company that delivers actionable, objective insight to executives and their teams, has positioned Wildix as a Niche Player in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Unified Communications as a Service, Worldwide.

How Can We Help

AllTex Networks ensures the best user experience by providing one single web interface to manage internal and external communications across multiple channels including:

  • Real-time communication with internal and external users: audio and video calls, conferencing, desktop sharing, and corporate chat
  • Online access to shared phonebooks and presence information on any device: computer, desk phones, digital enhanced cordless telecommunications handsets, and mobile devices
  • Entirely web-based and intuitive collaboration interface available in the browser, with little to no end-user training necessary

Your business relies on flexible communications capabilities. We have a full offering of solutions, from basic through premium, and a professional team of experts to help you make the best choice for your business. Simply stated, AllTex Networks equips your company with seamless connectivity across all platforms, regardless of location — all at pricing structured around your unique needs.